Welcome to the Environmental.Economics blog at University of Sydney!
As many other blogs I suppose, this blog was born out of frustration. This time the frustration is with situations when well intended scientific discourse about all things environmental is quickly turned up-side-down in public debates through the sheer feel of anger, disempowerment, denial and dismissal. Put differently, the environmental debate is so often turning into visceral and emotional affair on both sides of the political spectrum, pushing aside rational thinking about environmental problems, and banishing it from public discourse. This directly leads to misinformed policy reaction, or indeed lack of policy action, based on credibility deficit of emotionally charged environmental stance.
So, this blog is about how society should make RATIONAL choices (Economics = Applying reason to choice) about the environment and natural resources. Only a rational debate based on the best state of knowledge can and will influence policy so that we can actually make this planet, a cleaner, greener and better place to live!

Author: Tiho Ancev

Tiho Ancev is a Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics in the School of Economics, University of Sydney. His main research areas are agricultural, environmental, natural resource and energy economics. Tiho’s main contributions have been in water economics and policy, economics of energy, economics of air pollution and climate change policies, and economics of precision agriculture and agricultural input use. He has published widely on these topics in top international peer reviewed journals. Tiho has led and contributed to national and international research projects in these research areas. He is currently the Managing Editor-in-Chief of the Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics.